Generation Z or Uncertainty of a Scattered Mind

Author: Christos Floros

Type: Stage Play, Publishing

Written by Christos Floros, Generation Z or Uncertainty of a Scattered Mind has been published and is available as a Paperback and as an e-book exclusive to the Kindle Store. The text is as performed at its premiere production, directed by Eduardo Almeida, at the Second Annual International Festival of New Work 2017 at East 15 Acting School.

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First performed at the Corbett Theatre, London in 2017. A play about an anxious young person with a very loud inner mind. A play/exploration where m, the protagonist, navigates ideas and ideals, love and loss, within his inability to communicate, hold conversations, his short attention span. We live in a world where we are not present, we don’t listen, where a person can feel constantly lonely within a greater uncertainty and growing insecurities. Everyone is talking about the same things, but we don’t realise it, and we remain inactive, echoing other people’s opinion. A knowledgeable young generation frustrated and inactive.


Act 1, Scene 1

f2 You’re cynical and a pessimist!

f1 You’re too happy and gay!

f2 If your kind didn’t vote right traditionally like sheep we would live in a much better world.

f1 if rationality ever entered your vocabulary you still wouldn’t know what it is.

f2 At least I think for myself, I don’t unquestionably consume the mainstream.

f1 if reading blogs and transmitting idiotic opinions is your way forward congratulations. Sometimes we need to realise everything around us has a price to make and a price to keep – you want free everything? Good for you. How you gonna pay for it?

f2 Who said anything about money?

f1 Magic Trees of Gold maybe?

f2 You are ridiculous.

f1 You don’t even know what you’re talking about.

f2 The world needs to change.

f1 The world changes slowly. You’re a revolutionary without cause. A generation without a cause.

f2 You support ancient ideas you don’t even understand. You support monsters.

f1 Utopia is a concept darling, not a realistic place. Ground yourself dreamer.



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